75 years of history while looking to the future

FELCO is the sum total of its 75 years of adapting to the market and constantly seeking innovation. The experience acquired and company's strong values enable it to look to the future with confidence. FELCO's Co-CEOs, Christophe Nicolet and Stéphane Poggi, explain this.

Loanne Duvoisin

Loanne Duvoisin is passionate about cross-triathlon. This sport combines 1.5km swimming, 30 to 40km mountain biking and 10km running. She discovered the sport when she was 15 and it is still her passion today. She has been a member of the Swiss cross-triathlon team since 2018 and has been training from the beginning of the 2020 season with Team ATLET (Association Team Léman Espoirs Triathlon) based in Vevey. Today, at the age of 22, she is sponsored by FELCO.

Timeless Swiss Expertise

When designing and manufacturing tools at FELCO, we always keep in mind values such as reliability, durability, ergonomics and interchangeability of parts. These principlesflow directly from the founder's spirit, and can still be found today within our internal processes.

Sustainable Development, a natural value at FELCO

Respecting the environment and producing for and with nature, is a basic principle at FELCO. A leader in pruning shears and cutting tools integrated sustainable development long before the concept became fashionable everywhere. A discussion with Christophe Nicolet, Co-CEO of the company.

A Special Edition Icon for FELCO’s 75th anniversary

To celebrate our 75th anniversary, we have developed a special edition of our iconic FElCO 2 pruning shears.. A limited production batch of 750 units was produced covered in pictograms which reflect the Swiss values of the brand.

75 Years of History and Innovation

Today FELCO is synonymous with quality and durability among pruning professionals. The FELCO brand is the culmination of 75 years of technological innovation at the service of pruning professionals.

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FELCO is celebrating its 75th anniversary!

FELCO postpones the international pruning competition due to the coronavirus propagation. A competition to select the world’s best vine pruners In viticulture, annual pruning is a key activity to ensure the success of future harvests and the life of the vine.

FELCO & Garden Answer

FELCO has made efforts around the world to partner with organizations, influencers, and experts tied to these iconic red handled pruning shears. FELCO relies on its grassroots network of fans, professionals, hobbyists, and passionate retailers to advocate and distribute the FELCO brand DNA. That is why in North America FELCO has chosen to partner with Garden Answer.

A range of gloves for perfect pruning

FELCO launches a range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), comprising three models of gloves specially developed for pruning professionals: FELCO 701, 702 & 703.  

FELCO joins forces to build the future

Leader du sécateur et des outils de coupe, la société FELCO SA fusionne avec FELCO Motion SA, spin-off spécialisée dans les outils de taille électroportatifs et les solutions numériques du groupe. La nouvelle entité FELCO SA sera dirigée par deux Co-CEO’s afin de renforcer tant l’aspect industriel que l’approche-clients. Quant au Conseil d’administration, il sera désormais présidé pour la première fois par une femme.